Natural Product Libraries

The structural diversity and biological efficacy of natural products makes them attractive for inclusion in modular screening campaigns, both as a source of novel scaffolds and as a tool to probe biological targets.

Hypha’s MycoDiverseTM libraries of low molecular weight natural product samples derive from unusual fungi including the mushroom producing basidiomycetes.  We have designed novel stimulatory mechanisms to elicit metabolite production in these fungi, resulting in extracts and fractions rich in bioactive secondary metabolites. Application of this unique fermentation approach to these under-explored microbes results in nearly 50% of the bioactive compounds characterised being novel in structure.

Download the publication below from Marine Drugs 2017, 15(4), 84; doi:10.3390/md15040084 as an example of novel compounds isolated at Hypha.

Establishing the Secondary Metabolite Profile of the Marine Fungus: Tolypocladium geodes sp. MF458 and Subsequent Optimisation of Bioactive Secondary Metabolite Production


Our commercial terms present a low barrier to entry and a reduced-risk progression to the production and structure elucidation of the most promising hit compounds, as well as the guarantee to exclusive access to hit compounds giving strong IP protection for our clients.

Fundamental to the design of these unique screening resources is assay compatibility. Fermentations broths are processed to generate fractions of grouped polarities that are free of proteinases and polysaccharides and proven to be compatible with a variety of screening formats.

The clogP values of bioactive compounds structurally characterised from the library range from -1 to +9. The more polar compounds generally originate from the aqueous broths but the picture is complex, with many compounds of low to medium polarity present in the biomass extracts while some molecules with high clogP values are found in the most non-polar broth fractions.

New Library Available 

A recent natural product inspired success is the synthetic MS drug Gilenya, derived from lead optimization of myriocin, an immunosuppressant from the entomopathogenic fungus Isaria sinclarii. Hypha has constructed a new MycoDiverseTM library module from entomopathogenic fungi. These organisms have co-evolved with their insect hosts and developed mechanisms for adhesion, infection, immunosuppression and manipulation of host behaviour to benefit their own requirements. Production of secondary metabolites with diverse bioactivities, encompassing immunosuppression, control of competing organisms, and CNS modulation, is thought to be critical to their successful lifestyles.

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