Official Launch of Hypha’s PolyCYPs® Kits

22nd January, 2019

Hypha are pleased to announce the official launch of their PolyCYPs® kit, which provide a fast and easy way to access CYP-derived metabolites and oxidised derivatives of drugs.

Enzymes in the kit have been mined from some of Hypha’s most talented actinomycete bacteria, providing a wide variety of CYPs proven to have a high success rate of producing human metabolites and other hydroxylated derivatives.

The kit enable the screening and scaling of CYP reactions for definitive metabolite identification and pharmacological testing. Enzymes in the kit are also useful to explore new chemical space of lead compounds by late-stage parallel synthesis, producing multiple derivatives through oxidation at aliphatic or aromatic moieties at susceptible positions.

Download a pdf of the PolyCYPs brochure

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