Hypha Discovery awarded funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board to identify novel brain-active molecules in collaboration with Pharmidex

London, 28 August 2012

Hypha Discovery Ltd (Hypha) and Pharmidex Pharmaceutical Services Ltd (Pharmidex) announced that they have been granted Biomedical Catalyst funding from the Technology Strategy Board to develop a  platform screening technology to support CNS drug  discovery. The project, entitled: “Identifying Novel Brain Active Molecules: Developing an Integrated Bioengineering and in silico Screening Platform Technology (IBIS)” is designed to improve the opportunities to discover and optimise neuroactive fungal natural products and analogues of existing CNS-active therapies. It brings together the expertise of Hypha’s natural products discovery and microbial biotransformation platforms  and Pharmidex’s state of the art CNS bioanalysis and metabolite identification.

Hypha’s CEO, Dr Liam Evans, said “We are grateful to the TSB for the funding to develop this joint service platform with Pharmidex. Central funding to support UK biotech such as this is crucial for the bioscience sector to thrive in this country and to compete abroad. Furthermore, we are delighted to have this opportunity to build on the clear synergies that exist between Hypha and Pharmidex.”
Dr Mo Alavijeh, CEO of Pharmidex said: TSB support through Biomedical Catalyst has been fundamental for innovative SMEs like Hypha and Pharmidex to forge creative alliances that will lead to novel solutions for our partners and ultimately safer and more efficacious drugs for patients with brain disorders.

About Hypha Discovery Ltd
Hypha Discovery is a strategic partner to many global pharma/biotech and agrochemical companies, providing natural product discovery solutions for early stage hit discovery.

Hypha also scales-up the production of mammalian and environmental metabolites using microbial biotransformation, and also provides small molecule contract fermentation and purification services.

About Pharmidex Pharmaceutical Services Ltd
Pharmidex is a value adding partner to more than 80 life science companies and medical/academic institutions worldwide through the provision of high quality in vitro, in situ and in vivo ADMET/PK technologies. Pharmidex has niche expertise in many therapeutic areas in particular CNS, Oncology and ADMET/PK.