Hypha Discovery Ltd awarded UK Government R&D Grant for Natural Compounds Library

5 March 2010, Maidenhead

Hypha Discovery Ltd, the UK natural compounds drug discovery company, has been awarded a Grant for Research and Development to further optimise its HD148 anticancer programme.

The grant was awarded to Hypha following a rigorous appraisal process against criteria including the level of technological advance and risk.

Hypha’s discovers novel bioactive compounds from its MycoDiverse™ natural compounds screening library, both for proprietary development and on behalf of pharmaceutical client companies. The HD148 programme has been developed from the discovery of an unprecedented series of natural compounds from the MycoDiverse  natural compounds library. With three patent applications filed, it has the advantage of straightforward chemical synthesis, and has recently been shown to inhibit mTOR kinase, a target of high current pharmaceutical interest.

The MycoDiverse library of natural chemistry from fermentations of Higher Fungi, continues to deliver a consistent novelty rate of over 50%, far greater than typically expected from natural compounds libraries from other sources.

Dr Liam Evans, Hypha’s CEO said: “We’re delighted to receive this development grant, which recognises the quality of the data we’ve obtained on this anticancer programme so far. We have every belief that our ongoing work on this programme will prove just as ground-breaking.”


About Hypha Discovery Ltd
Hypha is a natural compounds company, focusing on the production of biologically useful compounds from Higher Fungi, using proprietary stimulatory fermentation methods. The company collaborates with drug discovery companies through the supply of the MycoDiverse™ library, a collection of 10,000 extracts and fractions with unusually high chemical novelty. Hypha has a pipeline of oncology and anti-infective pre-clinical projects from the MycoDiverse™ natural compounds library, led by the HD148 series of mTOR kinase inhibitors, a synthetic series inspired by the discovery of a unique family of anticancer compounds from a tropical mushroom. Based in London and Maidenhead, the company also provides custom fermentation and compound purification contract services to other biotechnology companies. Please visit www.hyphadiscovery.co.uk for more information. 

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