Hypha Discovery™ Ltd discovers a novel anticancer series, HD148 from its library of fermentation products

London, 30 September 2008

Hypha Discovery Ltd, the drug lead discovery company which exploits mushroom fungi to discover novel biologically active compounds for pharmaceutical development, announced today the initiation of a project to optimise the anticancer series HD148. The series of compounds, discovered from Hypha’s chemical library of fermentation products, the MycoDiverse™ Library, shows promising activity against a variety of human cancer cell lines, including colon, non small cell lung, skin and breast cancer cell lines. Although completely unprecedented, the HD148 structures can be synthesised and modified, as such the series will undergo a phase of medicinal chemistry prior to proof of concept studies.

Dr Liam Evans, Hypha’s CEO, commented: “This discovery vindicates our strategy to focus on a group of micro-organisms that have not been thoroughly researched by other natural products discovery groups. By applying our proprietary fermentation methods to stimulate the production of novel bioactive products by mushroom fungi, we can find compounds that no one else has been able to find. This series of compounds spearheads a group of other patentable discoveries we have in-hand, and goes to show the enormous potential of our technology to discover many molecules that have the potential to treat cancer and other diseases.”