Hypha’s Q4 2016 newsletter – production of sulfated drug metabolites and other conjugates

Our newsletter for Q4 2016 features case studies illustrating the creation of sulfated metabolites and, in some cases, co-production of other conjugates.

Sulfate conjugation is a key pathway for metabolism of drugs containing phenol and aromatic amine groups. In contrast to glucuronidation, sulfation is a high affinity/low capacity pathway, and as a consequence, sulfation may dominate at low drug doses, whilst glucuronidation becomes the major route at higher drug doses.

Hypha’s biocatalysis systems provide multiple options to access both sulfate and glucuronide drug metabolites at mg to gram scale, as well as environmental fate products such as glucosides and other non-mammalian metabolites. Processes can be adjusted to bias towards creation of the desired conjugate.

More information on this topic can be found in our newsletter for this quarter via the link below.

Sulfated Drug Metabolites – Hypha’s Q4 2016 newsletter