Lilly present a study in which Hypha provided both aldehyde oxidase and CYP mediated drug metabolites

Zhou et al.  presented a poster at the 2018 ISSX Conference in Montreal on “Elimination of [14C]-LY3023414 by Aldehyde Oxidase and CYP Enzymes in Humans Following Oral Administration.”  Both AO and CYP enzymes were responsible for the metabolic clearance of LY3023414 with the non-CYP enzymes mediating approximately half of the clearance of the drug. Hypha Discovery made three of the metabolites used in this study undertaken by Lilly. An AO mediated hydroxylated metabolite (M2) and an N-oxide (M4) were made via microbial biosynthesis and a CYP mediated metabolite (M12) was generated through liver S9 incubations. Metabolites were purified by Hypha and the structures confirmed by LC-MS and NMR. Access a pdf of the poster here.

Hypha are able to use multiple approaches to identify the most efficient and cost effective route for making drug metabolites created through different biotransformation routes, using either microbial biocatalysis or hepatic S9 and microsomal fractions. Hypha are also experts in the purification and structure elucidation of drug metabolites.