Lilly scientists publish results of trial using Hypha’s drug metabolite screening panels

Scientists at Lilly presented a poster at ISSX 2015 summarising results of an evaluation of Hypha’s drug metabolite screening panels. In it they conclude:

  • A comparison of results following incubation of 16 compounds with three systems showed that Hypha’s microbial/fungal/hrCYP system was successful in generating approximately 83% of the major human metabolites, while human liver microsomes and human cryo-preserved hepatocytes were only able to generate approximately 40% each of the major human metabolites.
  • Hypha’s system was also able to generate many of the phase II metabolites (specifically glucuronides) without any addition of cofactor such as UDPGA.
  • Hypha’s system was consistently better in generating in secondary and tertiary metabolites compared to human liver microsomes and human cryo-preserved hepatocytes.

For a pdf of the poster click Eli Lilly ISSX_2015_poster on Hypha metabolite production