Natural Products Drug Discovery Company Hypha Discovery Ltd to present anticancer compounds at EPIC 2010

23 June 2010, Maidenhead

Hypha Discovery Ltd, the UK natural products drug discovery company, announced that Dr Liam Evans, CEO, will present Hypha’s HD148 mTOR anticancer compounds programme and natural products technology platform at the European Partnering and Investment Conference (“EPIC”) later today.

EPIC takes place annually in London and showcases the best of European biotechnology companies to an audience of 250-300 delegates including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and investor sectors.


About Hypha Discovery Ltd

Hypha is a natural products company, focusing on the production of biologically useful compounds from Higher Fungi, using proprietary stimulatory fermentation methods. The company collaborates with drug discovery companies through the supply of the MycoDiverse™ library, a collection of 10,000 extracts and fractions with unusually high chemical novelty. Hypha has a pipeline of oncology and anti-infective compound pre-clinical projects from the MycoDiverse™ library, led by the HD148 series of mTOR kinase inhibitors, a synthetic series inspired by the discovery of a unique family of anticancer compounds from a tropical mushroom. Based in London and Maidenhead, the company also provides custom fermentation and compound purification contract services to other biotechnology companies.

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