One-Stop Metabolite Production Service

Hypha are pleased to announce the launch of their One-Stop Metabolite Production Service, strengthening Hypha’s reputation as a go-to company for provision of drug metabolites to pharma and agrochemical companies worldwide.

As part of this umbrella service, we offer a comprehensive suite of techniques for provision of even the most difficult-to-synthesise metabolite, comprising chemical synthesis, recombinant enzymes, microbial biotransformation, mammalian liver fractions as well as the purification of metabolites from biological matrices.

Our latest developments include the launch of our PolyCYPs®+ screening kits and a new late-stage chemical glucuronidation screen, suitable for synthesis of O-, N-, N-carbamoyl and acyl glucuronides. The chemical screen features tailored deprotection strategies to improve the synthesis of acyl glucuronides and some unstable N-glucuronides, and is complementary to our existing successful microbial and mammalian biotransformation routes for generating metabolites.

The extended PolyCYPs®+ kits comprise 18 diverse CYP isoforms cloned from some of Hypha’s bacteria, as well as complimentary inclusion of two other phase 1 enzymes – human aldehyde oxidase (AOX1) and flavin monooxygenase 3 (FMO3), with other FMO isoforms to be incorporated as they become available.