Contract fermentation and natural products


There is renewed interest in natural products as a source of chemical entities, either through discovery of new scaffolds or re-evaluating previously discovered bioactive chemicals.

Hypha has extensive experience in all aspects of natural products chemistry, spanning microbial strain handling, fermentation and improvement, through to the purification and structure elucidation of the target compounds. We are able to work flexibly with clients to provide any aspect required.

Examples of projects we have undertaken

  • Acquisition, maintenance and fermentation of microbial strains
  • Strain improvement and fermentation optimisation
  • Purification and structure elucidation of complex natural products
  • Production of natural product scaffolds for semi-synthetic modification
  • Production and purification of ADC-payloads and purification of bioactive molecules from mixtures

We are able to supply milligram to gram amounts of compounds and have access to multi-thousand litre scale reactors via an alliance with a fermentation provider.

More information

Download the contract fermentation, purification and structure elucidation flier >>

Link to a paper describing work we successfully completed on fermentation of the fungus Galiella rufa from which the client was able to characterise new derivatives.

Link to a paper on an international collaboration to discover new drugs to treat trypanosomatidic infections using both synthetic and natural product libraries.

Why work with us?

  • Our track record in natural products. Our client base of pharmaceutical and agrochemical multinationals and SMEs, is testament to our expertise in fermentation, purification, identification and biotransformation of small molecules.
  • Cost effective, flexible service. Clients may outsource entire programs or choose to work with us on a modular basis.  We can also troubleshoot and rework existing processes and provide a full handover to clients.
  • Our processes are scalable. Target molecules can be produced for further work from mg amounts to assess bioactivity, up to g scale and beyond for semi-synthetic modification.

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