Our Team

Hypha’s Management Team

Liam Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Hypha’s management team is led by Chief Executive Officer and founder Liam Evans PhD, who developed the company’s proprietary fermentation technology. He has twenty years’ experience of natural products discovery, including industrial agrochemical and pharmaceutical discovery with Syngenta plc and Xenova Ltd.
Jonathan Steele
Chief Scientific Officer
Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder Jonathan Steele PhD CChem MRSC is an expert in natural product process design and isolation chemistry. He has fifteen years’ experience of natural products discovery, including key positions in antimicrobial discovery groups at GlaxoWellcome plc and Cubist Pharmaceuticals (UK) Ltd.
Stephen Wrigley
Chief Technical Officer
Stephen Wrigley PhD CChem FRSC has 30 years’ experience of natural products discovery. After starting his career with Glaxo, he held senior positions with Xenova and Terragen Discovery and was UK Research Director at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and CEO of Recombinogen. Steve manages Hypha’s collaborative and proprietary discovery programmes.
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